Repair and Renovation

At Woodfield glazing we offer a free no obligation visit to assess repairs and renovations to stained glass and leaded light panels. We can discuss options and costs involved. When glass within the design is damaged repairs can often be completed in situ. If the panel is unstable then it can be temporary removed for complete renovation or remake in our workshop.


Our leaded light and stained glass restorations are required when elements in the window begin to decay. When this happens, the glass starts to move within the window itself, and the whole window can become unstable. At this point, the entire window often needs to be renovated. Part of our work involves restoring the cement used to hold the window in place, as well as replacing cracked joints. Cracked joints that are not repaired can lead to broken glass and compromise the integrity of the window.


Our professionals will inspect your window before carrying out any work. We will first analyse the original window to diagnose the problem and determine the proper course of action. Then we will complete photographic record of the original, intact design of the original window. This will allow us to reconstruct the window to the highest standards of accuracy, should repair require disassembly. We will then use our expertise to remove the window from its iron, stone or timber surroundings before carefully taking it to be repaired.

Restore Longevity

We have worked hard to develop the very best stained glass repair processes in the industry. Woodfield Glazing will source the materials required to make your leaded lights and glasswork look as new. Our remedial work on leaded light windows and stained glass windows is designed to make sure that we restore longevity to our customers’ valuable stained glasswork. We’re passionate about restoring glasswork to its original beauty.