Traditional Glazing

Many owners of traditional homes want to retain their home’s original character. As a result, they want to steer clear of modern window designs, like double-glazing, entirely.

Traditional glazing is employed by owners of historic homes to preserve the character and style of their house. We specialise in providing traditional homes with traditional glazing solutions, designed to complement any style. We help homeowners find and install glasswork on extensions. And we assist homeowners to replace old single-glazed glass units that may be damaged or broken.


Traditional glazing is an art that
requires a true level of
craftsmanship to get right.


At Woodfield Glazing, our specialists will work with you to attain the very highest traditional glazing standards possible. We will help you to use traditional glazing to open your home up to more light, transform extensions and keep the elements out. Our experts are always available to help you decide on the best traditional glazing style for you.